Family Food Experiment.

A family of 7 are about to start a budgeting experiment.


The Parents have decided to give the 5 kids a budget of $50 each to plan for 2 meals a day, lunches and dinner…for 7 people.

“…the kids think money grows on trees and cannot understand why our food budget is hitting the $500 mark weekly…a taste of reality hopefully will do the trick”…sigh!

They have to plan, prepare and cook.

But not breakfast they have cereal galore.  Milk they need to provide and they drink that by the truck load. They plan their lunch and dinner menu, I take them shopping.

“I want them to have a sense of ownnership and responsibility” the mother said.

There are 7 two. Adults 15, 14, 13, 12 & 10 yr olds 4 Boys and one young lady.

“It is exciting to see them excited. Let’s hope the enthusiasm sticks around for week 2.”


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One Response to Family Food Experiment.

  1. What a smashingly BRILLIANT idea!!! I do wish that I had thought of that when my six were growing up! LOL! Although I must say, they were VERY good and did not embarrass us in the the super market by asking for things that they knew we could either not afford or that we did not wish them to have!

    I have missed you dear lady! I cannot believe that it has been five days since I’ve been on my Tweet Deck, which posts me on both Twitter and FB! I’ve been designing my daughter’s wedding invitation (we’ve had to redo several times and she needs to get it uploaded to the printer later this morning!) and setting up a wedding website for the invited guests to visit for additional information and notes from the bride/groom-to-be! PHEW! I shall be ready for a NICE and relaxing Christmas morning! HA, HA!

    Wishing you and your PRECIOUS family a MOST joyous holiday season – a VERY Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with MUCH love, joy AND laughter!

    Big hugs for you Jane love,
    Linda XOXO

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