Thanksgiving Countdown

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Today’s 5 Things I am Thankful for:

1. Modern medication & surgical procedures

2. Laptops, iPhone & the Internet

3. The ability to think.

4. The ability to articulate my thoughts. (and yours)

5. Insight

what are you thankful for?


About Jane

Living through writing and Writing through life.
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One Response to Thanksgiving Countdown

  1. marsha markham says:

    I am grateful that I have a heart filled with gratitude for all I have been given…to have
    a life with people I love…family and those I
    have chosen to be my family. I am blessed
    to have a good husband who I love and who
    loves me back. I am blessed with good health
    and am happy that I can go to the doctor when
    I need to (thanks to Medicare).

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