Happy Birthday dresses

Every year my mother would send me money to buy a dress.

Yes, it’s birthday dress time.

Though  mum is gone now, here are some dresses we may have considered.

~ This year from Nieman Marcus ~

(roll over for designer)

I quite like this one. Mum would like the colour

Love the blue in this, of course, however my cardiac surgery scar might not suit the neckline.

I think we would agree this is a fun dress. Just a tad short for me.

I really like this, though I’d drop the hemline a little. I think mum would appreciate the detail.

I’m so not into black and white and hey I am not this shape either. We’d skip this one.

Now this one, we’d both choose on first glance. I’m not really a pink gal but I’d look great in cashmere if I was that shape. I swam yesterday and walked today. The day draws nearer….

I like this one, but not for an Australian summer.

Can I have this instead?

Love you mum. Forever. xx


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