30 hours


What have you been doing for the last 30 27 ( ok it turned out to be 27 hours?)


Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital head of surgery Leo Donnan emerged from the hospital shortly after 1pm to announce the twins had been successfully separated after almost 27 hours of complex surgery.

woken up, caught a bus, jogged, worked out, rode to work, eaten, driven, swum, run, facebooked, shopped, went out for dinner, collapsed in front of the TV,  slept etc ?

Consider this:

A team of 16 surgeons and associated medical teams have been operating all that time.

SURGEONS are still working to separate conjoined twins Trishna and Krishna.

The complicated procedure began yesterday morning and had been due to finish by midnight this morning, but was still going at 11am today (Tuesday) (AEDT).

But surgeons say the twins are doing well and the length of the operation is not a sign of problems.  Before the surgery began, the twins’ chances of survival were rated at about one in four.

Many of the complications they have expected have simply not occurred.

read about the long way to go


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