bathroom blues

(no, I don’t mean the colour scheme)

is this the world smallest vanity unit?

It is in my new bathroom.

The fan is there as there are no windows and…er…IS that an exhaust thingy up there?

Who knows, as there is no switch for it.

Most of the space in the cupboard is filled with the plumbing for the sink,

the 3 drawers are itty bitty.

On the right is a double towel rack, attached to the wall and on the left,

as I took the photograph is the shower.

The total width is half a tile wider then what you can see on the floor at the bottom of the picture.

I am sure that even Millie feels better about HER bathroom reno; and who knows, I might be her MOTH’s new best friend, for the perspective I have added.

So suggestion ARE NEEDED!  where and how to put everything and make it look good.

vanity unit


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7 Responses to bathroom blues

  1. Millie says:

    No dear Jane, your bathroom still outrates ours in the space dept.! MOTH reckons we’ll be struggling to actually turn around without hitting a wall! Thank you so much for your very sweet message. Yes, I’m a million miles an hour type of gal, so coming to a grinding halt has been challenging to accept. I will take all your good advice, you are a very wise woman indeed.
    Love Millie ^_^

  2. I shall work on my spelling next time around! LOL! Nighty, night …

    Oh, and I hope that you are able to find a reasonable solution to your bathroom blues and one that YOU are satisfied with! 😀

  3. Jane love, you ARE on my blog roll! I just popped on to my blog and saw a post from LIFE AND TIMES (for some reason, the URL does not show Janez), so I clicked on it and HERE you are! TADA!

    Your vanity is Quite a bit larger than ours is and we have NO drawers, only a cabinet beneath the sink and then another above the cammode.

    I am not sure what types of containers you have or use in Australia. I THINK I am understanding what a cake stand is! I, personally, use decorator baskets to hold shampoos, conditioners, air freshener, body soap (the pump type), etc.

    We have a portable fan in our bathroom as well. The ceiling exhaust fan is in need of electrical work and since we have NO counter space, it sits on the floor, yet out of the way.

    Oh, I have just re-read your post and there is only half more of a tile until you see the shower, eh? Hmmm … are you able to (according to your landlord) hang anything on the wall? I used to have LOVELY painted wood shelves and/or a wicker-type cabinet that hangs as well. I preferred the cabinet a the doors close and hide things away. Perhaps above the towel rack to the right?

    Well love, you know that I am THRILLED to pieces for you and your NEW abode. My eyes are burning and my bed is calling so I shall say good night and wish you a LOVELY day darlin’!

    Linda ❤

  4. A-M says:

    Miss Jane, I think you might have to reduce your ‘everything’. A simpler existence perhaps? Who needs soap and shampoo! Is there a cupboard outside the bathroom, around the corner perhaps? A cake stand on the opposite end to the fan, for layers of bibs and bobs? I’m stumped. A-M xx

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