This Is It! Promised Review

a friend went opening night to see the Michael Jackson movie ‘This is it’ along with her 17+ yeas old daughter

Wow! An unbelievably energetic 50 year old dances across the big screen. He certainly does not look hours or days from ‘death’s door’. Michael Jackson is portrayed as a gentle, yet exciting and creative genius. The producers of ‘This Is It’ have compiled the best of M.J. It is obvious that he was well liked by coworkers and held in the highest esteem. During ‘This Is It’ we are allowed a rare, behind-the-scenes glimpse of M.J. and the effort, time and energy he puts into his work to create, and please his audiences. His high expectations of himself force him to settle for nothing less than the best. A bonus for us, the audience. The atmosphere in the cinema was tense as fans did not know what to expect. They left satisfied, their hero had not been demeaned in any way. Tears were shed, awe evident as we watched M.J. in his last performance.

He is aptly named the KING OF POP.

lets be honest here this was written by the mother while the daughter was asleep on the couch. Daughter is drummer in a band so a pretty intense interest in MJ and the movie.

The band lead singer, when asked : yes i loovvvvveddd it;)

check out Brighter at Night here


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One Response to This Is It! Promised Review

  1. mike says:

    I saw it today. I loved it. Genius at work.

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