dont touch the screen

how many years have we been saying that?

and now comes windows 7 (to be released 22nd Oct 09)

windows 7

predicted Windows 7 will jumpstart a new era in touchscreen PCs.

Personally I have taken to the touch screen of the iphone like that oft quoted duck

but that might be just me…

I’d rather go tekkie shopping then buy shoes, and I am female, so I recognise this is not the norm.

Having said that, I understand many people have struggled, and given up on Vista (though for me it’s the duck thing again) they may well be looking to Windows 7, albeit cautiously, for relief only now to be faced with a new concept.  As the babyboomers stand on the brink of retirement and new ventures they will have to embrace this and further technological advances.  For some this will be a problem. As a sometimes computer teacher and an oft-times unofficial help desk  I have encountered the ‘ it was fine before why have they changed it’  attitude.

Whole generations have been told to keep your hands of the windows, (in cars) don’t write on the windows )in cars and any steamed on condensation damp glass area) , don’t touch the screen not to mention DON’T TOUCH THE SCREEN!

will the attraction of Windows 7 reported well thought out features get us passed this?

check out some of windows 7 features here

even so I will be adopting a wait and see stance – I was badly burnt in a worldwide Mozilla Firefox upgrage.

remember we have also been told for years, and telling others to look before you leap

but then there is carpe diem…


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