Atherton Tableands: Part one.

now that I have returned to civilization here are a few pictures from my travels so far.

IMG_4621smooth drive

IMG_4619gracious building – Atherton

IMG_4623car window sticker

IMG_4625up on the tablelands.

IMG_4631irrigation at work

IMG_4628this long line of cows was on the right…meandering their way up to the milking shed.

at Gallo Dairyland

IMG_4629these cows were on  the left side of the road. The milking shed is on the right.

They produce a wonderful product then made into yummy cheese and chocolate etc

there are more post re Gallo above including the link.

Enterprising farmer has made a tunnel under the road… they ambled along under and up the other side eventually to the shed.

more to come ( I am on limited internet access)


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Learning through living and writing the lessons
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