of defrags, lists and other vip things

After a consultation with the service center for my particular brand of laptop I set the the machine to do so, defrag that is. Whilst I have has this laptop for some 3 years I have bever run this before. It was suggested that doing so now, would not in fact be overdoing things.

and guess what happened?

ani_clockhours an hours ticked by. Maybe 6 or perhaps 8? (strangly this stop watch is ticking around here where I write but appears not to when published.)

Still I was very patient, and in the end I was rewarded.

I gained over 27GBs of space, back.

Now just a warning don’t run more than about every 6 months or so.

I had called the service center as to do so was on my ‘Things To Do Before I Go’ List.

I also have a ‘What to Take South List’.

‘What to Take North’

‘Things To Do for Both Locations’.

I also have a hand drawn calendar, as I couldn’t visulise days and dates.

A newsletter I subscibe to arrived into the inbox with a offer which I took up.

Whilst not quite free, it was a great bargan and something I have been meaning to do/get for a while.

When I take photographs for my blog I like to be able to tell the store owner/person involved

where the picture is going to appear. Hence the need for business cards.

Ok, so back to the service center. I will be leaving my laptop there tomorrow. Thus I will be trying

out wordpressing by iphone. Seems to work for Stephen Fry.

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