Vasco de Gama I am not.

WHEN I was at school I loathed Mr de Gama, or is it Mr Vasco De Gama? Who knows? Even Wikipedia has this sub heading

‘Exploration before Gama’. So I guess even they don’t know.

225px-Vasco-da-gama-2Mr VdG

Does this mean his name was Vasco de? We don’t even know if he was born in 1460 or 1469. Seems a lot of scope there…between names and dates.

Well, apart from his name, VdG annoyed me for having been so successful at exploring and finding, paces mostly. I remember horrid smelly gestener (who knew that was man? I thought it was just the machine)  made map-sheets upon which we had to mark the  journeys of VdG and his ilk. His ilk, seemed to be rather crowded.

I, however,  had no objection to James Cook wandering around the world, he had at least discovered the country I then lived in.

Where is all this leading? I am about to undertake a journey of my own.

Fortunatly I am not espected in 2 palces at the same time. Though it was a close call.

HRH in Melbourne announced sometime back, ‘I am 50 this year and I EXPECT you to attend my celebration’.

The Italian Bride announced her date to be in October and ‘I EXPECT you to be there’. I was forgiven failure to attend her 40th, so the expections, were, are, well to put it frankly, high.  The wedding date is set for 10th October, northern Queensland.

The birthday bash , ahem, formal event was announced to be ‘probably’ the Saturday after the actual birthday which is the 6th of OCTOBER. Way down south, chilly south.

Slight panic set in.

A quick call to the tropics confirmed Saturday 10th.

An anxious call down to AFL territory looked like it was going to produce the same date. But here the oft maligned Victorian Education Department came into it’s own, and having declared schoool would recommnce on Monday 5th, The Party would be the Satuday before.

Hence I am to hurtle south into the cold-lingering winter of Melbourne. Dash about and celebrate. Then fly north to the sun, hoping like mad my wings will not melt.

Though I live some 15 minutes from a perfectly reasonable airport, if I get a flight from there to the tropics I will be going via Sydney. Now whilst there are, in fact Airport stores at the Sydney Terminal I love to visit (or to send others to visit for me) I do not want to go south to head north.

Thus I will drive,or be driven an hour north to catch my northern bound plane.

I am have 36 hours at home between journeys to remove the winter bundled woolies, and replace them with crush proof cool elegance. ( thats the theory anyway). Also to check in with my dentist.

TBC… see next post.


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