not Vasco continued

how I managed to have this show below the above I have no idea.

Since I will be UP THERE anyway,

I have decided to venture forth, and practice.  Practice what I hear you asking? Travelling 9 weeks of the flu cutailed my planned Asain escape.  I must hasten to add though, that the thought of shooting $600+ worth of inoculatons into my post flu body, in order to allow me to travel to ‘exotic’ places, somewhat dampens any enthusiasm. (I cannot even consider what the $600 + shots might contain.)

Hence my south/north dash is to be a practice trip for me. An since I will indeed be UP THERE, Ihave decided – all things being equal – to go furhter up there.

I made a map.

A word of caution: don’t plan to come rob my home while I am away as the house will be occupied and a savage Beast prowls here.

Herewith my Map.

red cicle – approx area I start from – oops I left Victoria off – well, you know where that is, right?

ok go here it is down the bottom, above Tasmania.

Purple star:  Weddingsville.

Pink Star: a couple of places I’d like to see.

Green star.: ditto.

And yes, then there are the islands of the red star.

Travel Map Oct 09


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