the blame game

demotivate org

and not one department of australia post wants to take responsibility for packages not deliverd.

They all claim we came at this date and this time: wrong! The door was open (screen locked) I was home waiting.

No security phone buzz, no-one on the doorstep knowcking.  Nothing Zippo Zilch!

Even priority paid packages – makes no difference.

AT the Post Office counter the answer is always oh it was this department or that department…not us. Hello? Isn’t there only ONE australia post business?

Meantime FED-EX can bring me an item across the world in less than 4 days – I can login and track where it is. It arrives safe and on time.

C’mon australia post get with it.


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One Response to the blame game

  1. A-M says:

    Here here Jane. I am forever apologising for their incompetencies. They are the rate limiting step in my business… the only weak link I have NO control over. I just close my eyes and cross my fingers every time I send a parcel out. A-M xx

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