A beautiful life

beautiful life bannervisit Melissa

whilst I did not do the re-upholstering, I was smart enough to get it done.


35 years ago my parents purchased these Jason recliner chairs.

Over recent years they looked like nothing you would want to keep.

Everything old is new again – but better

on the right: the stripe is blue and the piping is the same dark blue as the chair on the left. Just trying to lay my hands on the before pictures – you won’t believe them.

thanks to my daughter for pointing out spelling and typos – no, really I mean it.


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5 Responses to A beautiful life

  1. Angela says:

    They look beautiful. I especially like the striped one with the blue piping!

  2. Desiree says:

    why’d you delete my comment?

  3. Pearl Maple says:

    Well done, your family chair with all its memories looks fabulous in the new fabric. Jason sure knew how to make a chair.

  4. Shirley Baker says:

    Great chairs, Jane! So good to reuse and reupolster (sp!) them. Love your cat pics as well as the rest of your blog.

    Shirl from Timeless Bliss

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