Hot August Night

On 37th anniversary of Neil Diamond’s “Hot August Night” concert (Aug 24th 1972)

Brisbane recorded its hottest August day on record yesterday, with the temperature soaring to 35.4 degrees Celsius.

heat_wave_275not this hot – yet

A cold front is pushing strong winds across New South Wales and Canberra, with gusts expected to top 90 kilometres/55 mph per hour.

For Victoria a 3 day high risk period with winds strengthening from the west-north-west, and the possibility of damaging wind gusts associated with that around 90 to 100 kilometres an hour in lower lying areas, but possibly in excess of 100 kilometres an hour over alpine areas and elevated areas (convert this here)

Emergency crews in Tasmania’s north are on standby after heavy rains caused small landslides and a number of road closures yesterday.

A severe weather warning has been issued for South Australia, with damaging winds expected as a cold front crosses the southern part of the state, bringing squally showers and thunderstorms.

The Bureau of Meteorology expects strong to gale force west to south-westerly winds, averaging between 50 and 70km/h, with some gusts over 90km/h and possible destructive wind gusts in excess of 120km/h.

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One Response to Hot August Night

  1. Marg says:

    It’s blowing a gale here at the moment and raining! I was contemplating going to the library but I think I am going to stay in.

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