football injury

when I was 15 I fell over on a car park ramp. The end result was extended time off work (yes I had already left school, I entered University as a ‘mature’ student) and a brief sojourn in a Melbourne Private Hospital…I notice it is now a boutique Hotel.

I had torn the catiledge in my left knee and in the wisdom of the day they removed it. Really, I am not as old as that makes me sound. Suffice to say there was not the Footballer’s Option there is now.

As I have been shuffling about post coughng-fits and with my torn intercostal muscles, the bits between the ribs, I have managed to put my knee out. Something is out, and pain is IN!  Big time.

Whilst I like the look of mum’s walking stick, and I am grateful to have it, and I love the looks of surprise when I answer ‘an old football injury” to the many enquiries, I would rather skip it all.

Currently the challenge in to not sleep on my right side for the ribs sake, and to not sleep on my left to protect my knee.

Yes, back to the sit up and sleep routine.

May you hop skip, and jump through the day, with gladness in your heart, for being able to do so.


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