Back from the flu.

Now that I have recovered from the flu, though still recovering from the damage the flu did to me,  ie torn rib muscles. ouch!

I thought it time to check out my blog friends and zip around the net a little to see what’s happening – dare I say? In your neck of the woods.

Speaking of Woods, must of course take me 1st to the Hedge…

Wondering how Millie’s Meet the Parents is coming along with MOTH having cleared out to support his AFL team…(yesterday while driving I heard an interview with a woman who has written a book about football obsessions. She told the story of a couple who missed there son’s wedding….uh oh!)

The heat of Millie and MOTH makes me want to cool off…

I’m guessing A_M and family ARE in that new pool, while hoping she is rushed off her feet at her on line store. (check my Goovy buttons on the right) I’m hanging out for the Adirondack Chair pix.

Tasks well done, brings to mind Marg & Kailana who have nominations for BBAW. Well done Girls/ladies/Bloggers. How do I vote?

Speaking of success…

I’m hoping Kimberlee is loving her new job, not to mention flat out at her online store. Check in my goovy buttons in the right sidebar.

and really hoping that this Aussie Lady has seen the light and given up The Disgusting Habit. PLEASE!

Delighted Lovely Linda is back, and though there have been some close calls, all is well. Hey, with Linda you get music & Freebies.

thats all folks

for now. I need to rest.

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One Response to Back from the flu.

  1. Marg says:

    The blogs that were nominated for BBAW are now judged and then shortlists will be announced. People can then bote on the shortlists. I think that all happens in early September.

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