Splendid Spizzico

dnner fri nightambience 4/5

staff: 5/5 (friendly and helpful  – and yes, even cheerful)

food 4/5 (too much too delicious haha)

presentation of everything: 5+

Corner 721 Main (on Corner Walmsley) Kangaroo Point.  Brisbane.

Feast your eyes then call and book: Angelo & Silvana Di Bartolo

07 3391 7077

my meal

photos taken on iphone. (remember I am far from well so please excuse the quality)

I have hardly been interested in eating much more than soup.

Panicotta with berries and toffee shards
Ns Pasta


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One Response to Splendid Spizzico

  1. ooohh… Ken and i tried to eat there once, but it was booked.. might have to try again after your review!!

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