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Janez Editorial

today we have name-calling (ever a mature activitiy) between Hilary & the North Koreans USA is offered a creation or re-creation, or, something else or something  similar for Healthy Care we still have a world economic crisis albeit with greenshoots, … Continue reading

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line forms to the left…

Wanted: women to eat chocolate all year Agence France-Presse July 24, 2009 12:52am yes it IS a real headline check it out here

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iPhone, you-phone, we all phone (but not the cat)

while I had the flu ( it was day 3) my new toy arrived – amazing what pre registering your interest gets you someone! was not at all impressed. well I was & remain so, increasingly. Last night  (day 6 … Continue reading

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wont you join me?

join me for a giggle Foreign contaminant just love this remind you or your mother? or your kids? A_M you need one of these, for your after your tradies visits.

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Piglet is safe

found through google image search apparently I just have regular flu, but since I am ‘unique’, in the words of the Dr, I apparently have a unique dose. w o n d e r f u l it does not … Continue reading

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fairy floss flu

being tested for ‘fairy floss’ (for the name: thanks Richard) flu (potentially for the germs:thanks Andrew) this morning – not optimisitic: one test I would like to fail. Fairy floss flu sounds better than that oink name – don’t you … Continue reading

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cat portrait

just to let A-M know who controls the ironing board, & to say my cough is back. grrrr

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