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today we have name-calling (ever a mature activitiy) between Hilary & the North Koreans

USA is offered a creation or re-creation, or, something else or something  similar for Healthy Care

we still have a world economic crisis albeit with greenshoots, the planet is experiencing global warming (or not, depending on who you listen to, read or embrace.)

Then there is Iran, Iraq, Afganistan, the surge in the AIDS epidemic, our current world flu pandemic; we have a water – or lack thereof –  crisis, and just yesterday I read the question ‘why are people being given the modern technology of mobile phones when they don’t yet have the old technology of electricity’.

and then there are all the issues, pressing or not, in your day to day life – and in mine too –

who needs….?

what will I…?

how can we…?

when will…?

what is ….?

Today I came across this


The First Lady, dressed in a chic Michael Kors sheath, who is known for her elegant lanky bob, faked a short, tucked-under style for the event, which (a magazine) has confirmed is, in fact, an updo rather than an actual cut.

Next comes the opportunity to vote on wether Michelle Obama ought to cut her hair short.

(my best hope is that this is an old story as the Obama’s are reported to now to be in Martha’s Vineyard on Vacation)

You care about this don’t you? You are in USA or anywhere else…you husband just lost his job, you were laid of 3 months ago, you walked away from your dream home…etc etc

even if things are going great or great-ish for you, you have to wonder if Mrs Obama if going to be swayed by your vote.   NO you don’t!

read about Michelle Obama

My observation:

it seems that as the real issues of the day mount up, and the seriousness of their impact in our lives increases,

the fluff & stuff of life becomes even “more silly”.

this, however is not the flotsam and jetson of life

this is the bubbles of nothing at the top of a milkshake.

the look fun, they have no value and then they are gone.

you don’t even get to drink them.


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