iPhone, you-phone, we all phone (but not the cat)

while I had the flu ( it was day 3)

new phone

my new toy arrived – amazing what pre registering your interest gets you

cat portrait icon

someone! was not at all impressed.

iphone cat excited NOT

well I was & remain so, increasingly.

Last night  (day 6 of the flu)

I watched TED podcasts from yesterday in Oxford, and added an app for the complete works of Jane Austen.

The story of the 11-1/2 hours it took me to activate it all is for another time & place.

It is also indication of how crook I was.

Eleven and half hours indeed!

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One Response to iPhone, you-phone, we all phone (but not the cat)

  1. a-m says:

    Oh Jane, you poor thing. I hope you are feeling better soon. At least you have your little bundle of fur to cuddle….. and your new toy! If it is a comfort, I have a shocking head cold, a headache and everything aches too……. but it’s not the flu… I am feeling too well with it all! A-M xx

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