cat portrait

Dinkiejust to let A-M know who controls the ironing board, & to say my cough is back. grrrr

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2 Responses to cat portrait

  1. LOL! Now that is TOO sweet! Funny too, as the past two days my BOO-BOO girl has manned the top of the washing machine! She usually hangs out in our bedroom as the other two pick on her, so I have to go back and carry her out and into my room!

    Jane, LOVE your new header darlin’! I see that SOMEBODY likes orange and purple, eh? Reminds me of a dress I bought with Christmas money when I was in the seventh grade! I had been a LOVER of blue since I could remember, but simply could not resist the combination of puple, orange, gold and vanilla and even found the CUTEST purple fringed shoulder purse to match!

    Okay young lady, you’ve taken me down memory lane today! Thank you!

    Have a GORGEOUS week ahead my friend,
    Linda XOXO

  2. a-m says:

    As soon as I saw the words ‘cat portrait’ you had me, even before I saw the picture. I love your cat! What’s with the cough???? What’s going on ? Do we have permanent lung damage or what? Is it the cold weather? I need answers. Mine is worse in the morning but then even Wilfred (painter) commented on how much I cough during the day.
    Let me know if you find any obscure cure. A-M xx

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