The soup I told you about

I found this recipe in The Australian Magazine a few weeks back. 

Included in the Eating in section by David Herbert. 

It is so easy to make, delicious to eat and easy to modify. (eg to add protein) photo comimg


150g pearly barley (I accidentally found non soak barley)

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 onion chopped (I diced mine – I don’t like onion chunks) 

1 carrot chopped (I also diced this) 

1 stick celery (ditto) 

2 cloves garlic (I didn’t have fresh so I used teaspoon crushed from jar) 

2x 400 cans crushed tomatoed (I used pre diced, plain) 

1 litre chicken or vegetable stock. 

1 tablesppon fresh fresh Basil chpped – to garnish. 

Soak Barley, or use the non soaking kind. in cold water over night 

Heat olive oil in large soup pot (I have mum’s) 

Saute onion, carrot, celery & garlic for about 5 minutes. 

Add canned tomatoes, stock (I heated mine) and cup of water. 

Strain pre soaked barley and add (or just add the non soak barley) 

Bring to the boil, reduce heat and simmer about 40 mins. or until the barley has softened. 

Season to taste with fresh gorund black pepper. Serve hot. 

I wanted more protein in this so:

*The 1st time I made it,  I diced and dry fried some bacon, drained well  and then added it to the simmering stage. 

2nd time I dry fried diced chicken breast to golden, and added at the simmer stage.





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  1. Karen Carrillo B says:


    I need some pictures of the floods in Brisbane that happened two months ago.

    Do you know if you have in your website? If so, could you please send to my email.

    Karen CB

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