Iran Elections: what now?

HARDLINE President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad resoundingly won Iran’s election, preliminary official results showed today, but his moderate challenger alleged irregularities and claimed victory for himself.

The level of the incumbent’s support, roughly twice as many votes as former Prime Minister Mirhossein Mousavi with most ballots counted, confounded analyst predictions of a tight race.


Iran elections

A bitterly fought campaign generated intense excitement inside Iran and strong interest around the world, with policymakers looking for signs of a change in Tehran’s approach in a long-running row with the West over its nuclear ambitions.

Listing several complaints before official results were announced, Mr Mousavi said many people had not been able to vote and that there had been a lack of ballot papers.

He also accused authorities of blocking text messaging, with which his campaign tried to reach young, urban voters.

“I am the definite winner of this presidential election,” Mr Mousavi told a news conference.

Trita Parsi, president of the Washington-based National Iranian American Council, expressed disbelief at the wide margin in Dr Ahmadinejad’s favor. 

“It is difficult to feel comfortable that this occurred without any cheating,” Mr Parsi said. 

We have just recently remembered the anniversary of dashed hopes of a Democratic China. 


tankman china 4th june 1989

The repercussions of that attempt go ever on, like a ripple in a pond.  Even China’s recent silence concerning the Tiananmen Square protests is a ripple. 

Looking back to the brutal events of, & folllowing 4th June 1989, the question must be asked what now in Iran? 

What of the innocent citizens of that nation that rose up in hope of change for the better.  The media images of men & women embracing a chance for change. 

Is the world ready to step in. Has the UN planned what it will do. 

‘the price of freedom is eternal vigilance’ 

will there be a price for wanting it? 


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