Google Ephemera

Back here I discussed at length the issue of desks and associated ephemera: real, and virtual by way of Google Gadgets. 

I regret to tell you that Google Gadgets has failed, for me. Hogging to much power and slowing down the booting up, and closing down process. Not to mention limping through normal work processes, just to indulge in some cute or handy gizmos. 

Now I have a solitary image, no screen saver and one folder icon plus the recyle bin icon and my mobile BB icon. That’s it. Neat, tidy efficent. Not cute, not helpful.

However all is not lost: I have created a fabulous igoogle homepage for myself, with all the functions I need and none of the ones I don’t.  Running Google chrome my igoogle page is just a click of a tab away. 



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