Archway…what archway?

Archway falls


THE pounding sea along the Great Ocean Rd has claimed another landmark with the collapse of the Island Archway near Loch Ard Gorge.

All that remains of the tourist lure are two rock pillars protruding about 25m from the ocean and a pile of rubble beneath the surface, Melbourne News reports.

Helicopter pilot Brad Camrie did a double-take when he flew past the site at 9am yesterday.

“We first noticed that the water looked a little different,” Mr Camrie said.

“Then I saw the bridge – that must have been at least 10m across – had disappeared. Looking at it now, you wouldn’t know there had been an archway.

“They will have to come up with a new name because they won’t be able to call it Island Archwayany more.”

Several of the area’s rock formations have toppled over. The last significant loss was in 2005 when one of the Twelve Apostles collapsed


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