Professor Chris O’Brien

gone too soon

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“I have remained optimistic, confident and steadfastly committed to enjoying every moment, grasping every opportunity and trying anything which may help me win this fight for my life,” Professor O’Brian wrote.

Chris O’Brien, who died overnight, was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive and almost inevitably lethal form of brain cancer, in November 2006.

“It is one of the terrible ironies of life that a man like Chris would be diagnosed with the very type of cancer he did so much to fight against with his own patients,” an emotional Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said on announcing the $100 million funding top-up in April 2009.

He became well known to us all through the RPA TV series. 

Prof O’Brien was (is)  due to be honoured in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours.

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2 Responses to Professor Chris O’Brien

  1. Igor Zavesa says:

    I was a patient of Chris and will be grateful to him all my life.
    He did deserve all the respect the country and the people had paid him !
    A brilliant specialist and a real man has left this world .

    Rest in peace.

  2. Tony Jacobs says:

    I saw the recent telivision interview with Chris and was amazed at his calm acceptance of the challenges facing him.

    As a man wh must have known his chances of survival, his philisophical acceptance, his positive attitude and his determination to explore the spiritual dimensions remaining to him were truly inspirational.

    I’m sure his life force is carried on his children and by osmosis, the many, many people he must have helped through their illness’s and in many cases death.

    What a man!!!

    Rest in peace.

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