Desks: too many choices

Remember when you had just one desk, and the struggle it was to keep it tidy? The pens all in one container all pointing downwards, pencils sharpened pointing up.  Neat little divider thing in the drawer with blu-tak, scissors and pins. An in-tray and an out-tray, even if they were full.

A thick blotting pad to cover the actual desk surface, or a one year planning calendar that did the same. Off to the side was a photo of someone you love, and maybe a clock.  A pot plant or vase of fresh flowers, a framed motivating quote and a telephone, plugged into the wall. 

Ah,  those were the days, 

Now we have 2 desk tops to keep tidy. The real actual desk that you are sitting at (or would be if you had one) and the desk top of your computer. 

Yes an endless array of choices and colours, images and gadgets awaits our selection. 

Do you want a default grid setting, or to place the icons where you want them? What will the image be? This can be influenced by where the computer is? At work or home, and of course with laptops and notebooks these days one computer may be many things, in many places. 

Then there are the screen savers…yes or no?  A yes will bring an ever endless search as you explore a vast world of offerings. Then you have to decide how fast you want it to appear,  a 5 minute delay at home might be ok, but at work will this send a message to the Boss that you are not actually working? SO maybe 15? 

Sounds and alerts are a whole new ball game. Want your email notification delivered by a Butler? or a aeroplane flitting across your screen? A simple pop up envelope? With or with out sound efffects?  Talk about bells and whistles. 

Some one wants to chat with you – select a notification sound. Make it dfferent for each service you are subscibed to.  Ah but what happens when 5 people want you at once…what a noise. 

I have just added google taskbar (this is not a paid commercial – of even a commercial or a public service announcement) to the right side of my desktop screen.

I have opted to put there Google Talk…I have noticed I have been dashing back and forth from Gmail -Chat gadget to my igoogle home page looking for the conversation associated with a particular sound effect. I also have added world news headlines, as I am a news freak. Or is that geek? 

I added the notepad as I have developed the (good) habit of making notes from phone calls etc direct onto the computer.  This one tells me all my notes are saved but as yet I am not sure where to. 

I added a gadget for my over stuffed reader, the theory being that I can hop in and out while waiting for other things to happen. Yet to test this, will report back. 

and then I added upthe top, a digital growing potplant. Looks nice. I don’t need to to water it or feed it. Reminds me of the cute cat that used to be on…hmmm was it Word? A nice pretend aka virtual realistic touch. 

Now that all that is done, I have currently opted for a black background (I just cleaned the screen and it looks great) and this image:


bl tone mgroves at flickr chairsOK so I am done. For now…

How about you? 


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