A wintery Wednesday

Even though I live on Australia’s GOLD COAST today is grey, and wet and cold. There are warnings for the beautiful beaches and the it has suddenly become soup weather.  

I have thought about today and what I might complete since I am housebound. No way am I going out in that. I just did my 4 weeks worth of being crook.  

I am considering a DVD, ‘Night in the Museum’ , or scanning photos and documents on to a USB for my EMERGENCY Pack.  You don’t have to live in shaky LA to be prepared. So many Victorians lost everything in the Black Saturday Bush fires in Feb. (see the Feb archives ).  

Ok but 1st I need to fund a sunny spot for the mid week escape.  I have some homework for Take OutPhoto…and need to write up April for Michelle.  She had some tough news a few days ago and I want to see how she is doing. And of course A-M is only 9 days away from moving into the house she built.  And whoa she has found time to make a new header….women are amazing. Rain rain go away – A-M needs the sun today! As in right now!!     sunshine for A-M


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One Response to A wintery Wednesday

  1. shelley says:

    hi there,
    who designed that fabulous picture?

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