photohunter #162


painting – which I did this week. 

scroll on down for more evidence. Painting photohunter


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10 Responses to photohunter #162

  1. srp says:

    It looks like he could use a little “Tom Sawyer” thinking here. Just like the teenager across the street that “let” a younger boy mow the grass that his dad told him to mow. How fun. It will be nice when finished though.
    Mine is up here.

  2. Oh yeah! I’m seeing a lot of that this month,lol. Good post!

    Mine is up!
    I hope you get a chance to see it. Happy weekend!

  3. gengen says:

    Oh entry is nice for the theme. Happy weekend. Mine is posted.

  4. Hootin' Anni says:

    Work indeed!!! Hot long hours!!!

    My ‘PAINTED’ is posted now. Hope you can join me at my blog today sometime. Have a great weekend.

  5. bing says:

    you are patient and talented, i must say!

  6. yami says:

    Oooops, sorry for the wrong link post…

    here’s mine;

  7. yami says:

    Painting by yourself is tedious but the result is worth the sweat.

    happy weekend!

  8. Cindy O says:

    Aloha from Maui!

    Painting! I remember doing that recently too. Stop by http://upcountrysmiles to see what we just finished painting too.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  9. MJPhoto says:

    Very cool….how long is that fence?

  10. Claudia says:

    Now that painting is hard work. Hope you are finished.

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