green acres is the life for me….

Bonogi store flipOne stop shopping – store, cafe, takeaways, homemade organic soaps.


B store flipcall or snail internet cafe inside though


Bonogin store

open for brekkie, get your news paper and local new. Business contact Board to the left of the door. 

alpaca poo 2

up a few more hills and turns we found this – great for the garden I guess? Paying for the poo was an honour system, a bright orange hoola hoop inside the fence: just toss your coins in. Way up on the hill I spotted a house with a lady on the balacony. A friendly country wave was exchanged.

aussie sign

what a great sign. true blue aussie word art. 

Alpacathere were a few, all different colours. chomping away on the lush hinterland grass. 


alpacas 2I will go back with my real camera. I took all these shots on my phone. 

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