swine flu: 1st USA death

such sad news to now read: 

A 23-month-old child has died of swine flu in Texas, the first confirmed death in the United States as well as the first outside Mexico, the Centres for Disease Control said. 

There are 63 confirmed cases of swine flu in the US.


There are no confirmed cases of swine flu in Australia.

According to latest figures at 6.00pm (AEST) there are 100 suspected cases in Australia including  51 in New South Wales; 19 in Victoria; 15 in Queensland; nine in South Australia; four in Western Australia; one in Tasmania, and one in the Northern Territory.


Twenty people have died in Mexico from swine flu, and another 132 have “probably” died from the disease. There are a further 33 confirmed cases, and 1614 suspected cases.
There are 13 confirmed cases in Canada; three in New Zealand; three in Germany; five in the UK; two in Israel; one in Spain, and one in the Americas. 

Earlier today,  a five-year-old Mexican boy was reported to be “Patient Zero” in the swine flu outbreak.

Edgar Hernandez survived after being diagnosed with the virus earlier this month, and residents of La Gloria believe it is ground zero for the epidemic, The Associated Press reported.

More than 450 people in the southern Mexico town claimed to be suffering from respiratory problems from contamination spread by pig waste at nearby breeding farms.



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