Lauren Bacall:living legend

all this…


and Humphrey too.


aging beautifully


A 5 Star recommendation @ Number 8

click here to see more beauty in black & white

& and another series

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8 Responses to Lauren Bacall:living legend

  1. Wonderful post. I love Lauren Bacall.

  2. Jim R says:

    I never did see the photos……..

  3. Max Sand says:

    Great Pic. I’m in Key Largo at the mo.

  4. Jim R says:

    Where is the pic. I will be honest and be the judge. Bacall is one of the prettiest women ever…………

  5. Lynda Moreno says:

    I am a Flight Attendat, and I swear more than 50 people always ask….Has anybody ever told you, you look like Lauren Bacall, crazy never heard it before I became a Flight Attendant but yes I think I do!!!! What a compliment!!!!

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