A Beautiful Life: 12 month of goals




running late here….

March’s goal was



 I was aware of this all month. March 23rd was the 1st anniversary of my mother’s death. However a few days before I came down with a nasty virus, that turned into a disgusting virus. Talk about a hacking cough…I was so physicall  ill, I didn’t have time to focus on much else. Just getting by, day and night .

I was tested for whopping cough but it was not that…and in time everything began to subside. But by then I was into April. 

So serentiy? I guess there were times when I was that way. However, not perhaps as I had imagined. As I have written this I have thought back and realised there was some serenity frombeing in my lovely room while so sick. I love blue and white and my room is done is those colours. There was sunshine outside the sliding door and everything I needed in reach. I am glad I took the time to get it all done so it was at least a pleasant environment with my potions, pills and tissues. 


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3 Responses to A Beautiful Life: 12 month of goals

  1. A-M says:

    Yes ‘hmmm’ too. It wasn’t ideal for either of us was it! Just getting by….. was March – bye -bye March! You were not alone! Love your whole new layout. I am going to go exploring your links now! A-M xx

  2. Thanks for joining in! I am glad you made your room pretty, that makes all the difference! But I am sorry you are not well, take care!! xoxo

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