‘Therese Rein’s fashion sense? Sleeve her alone’

Her choice of shirt, complete with white pirate-style cuffs, has been the talking point of her trip to the US and has inflamed heated debate in fashion circles – indeed, around the nation. 



“Where are her friends? She should never have been allowed out like that.


Personally I don’t think it is about her taste or lack there of. It is about where she was:

She was visiting a school for disadvantaged children in the New York. Outside.

Therese Rein, wife of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, talks to teachers during a visit to the Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy Charter School for disadvantaged students in New York City.

cuffs21 Picture: Andrew Meare


Many Herald Sun readers said her white blouse was a fashion shocker reminiscent of a pirate shirt worn by comedian Jerry Seinfeld in an episode of his hit TV series.

In the episode, Jerry agrees to go on national TV wearing a shirt designed by Kramer and his friend.

Just before going to air, Jerry is appalled to learn it’s a “puffy” shirt that he fears will make him the butt of jokes.


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2 Responses to ‘Therese Rein’s fashion sense? Sleeve her alone’

  1. Millie says:

    Hi Jane – I’m going to have to say what I think here . Not a good look – I would so love to grab Ms. Rein & take her shopping for the right clothes!
    Millie ^_^

    • janezlifeandtimes says:

      …and her hair, Millie can we fix her hair? But something works after all she is a fantastically successful business woman.

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