The Times they are a changing..

This blog is called ‘Life & Times’  – part of our life and times is recognising they change. 

For good, for worse, or simply change.  

This is of course, not new.

Watch (below)Peter Paul and Mary sing of it. Note the conservative clothing they are wearing…listen to their words, think of the world we live in today.

The changes we face, individually and as a nation (which ever nation is yours) are now worldwide changes. Adjustments need to be made in all our lives. There is more to unite us now, then there is to divide us. Unemployment is unemployment no matter where you are. Worry, anxiety, fear are not discriminating.

Fortunatly neither are joy and gratitude. 

Is there much to be grateful for? 

Remember the man who complained he had no shoes until he met a man that had no feet. 

Yes there is much to be grateful for. oo yer…

Tonight I am grateful for my mother. The 23rd is the 1st anniversary of her death. I am grategul to miss her, so much. I am grateful for the good years, and weeks and days we had together.  For the laughter and the insights, the discussions and the learning. For the hurdles we overcame: we went gently and united into our lives. With the fineness and uncertainty of all archiologists we lifted through layers and sifted through so called ruins. 

We found the gems. We really did.

Priceless gems that united, restored and lifted us.

We spread our wings together, we glided over our world and through our dreams.

The love healed all.

Some saw and wondered. Some saw and rejoiced.

And some did not see at all. 

I love you mum. 

I AM grateful for you, all you were and all you are, for all you ever will be. 


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Learning through living and writing the lessons
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