Sam the Koala: the book, the movie:THE ROMANCE

Film stardom beckons for Sam the koala.

samplus romance is in the air…


SAM the koala’s star is set to rise even higher with news she is to be the subject of a new book – and even whispers of a possible film.

TressCox Lawyers, which now handles inquiries regarding the famous marsupial saved from a deadly bushfire, said they were still fielding offers from media outlets around the world.

“We’re negotiating with Foxtel’s Animal Planet, book publishers in New York, German newspapers, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, we’re just finishing a deal with an advertising agency and I just got an email from National Geographic,” Nic Pullen from TressCox said.

Film rights and book rights were part of the negotiations.



youtube clip below

and meet Bob, Sam’s new beau. 




I have a powerpoint update re Sam, I am not sure how to put it here…leave your email in a comment and I will send to you…OR anyone know how I can convert it? 

Here’s a sneak peek!

Romance amongst the Gun Trees. 

Text reads: Enter Bob, he was also taken to the shelter after his feet were scorched in the inferno…



Yes, that’s Bob taking care of our girl Sam.

Love is in the air♥ 





stay tuned for more in this wonderful story….










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  1. netpoette says:

    Hi, is the photo on this page of Sam the koala copyrighted? Thanks, Annette

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