Melbourne Writer’s Festival 2009





A competition…

Since Federation the search began for The Great Australian Novel (TGAN). Well, we became bored with waiting and have lowered our sights a little. Or rather, a lot. We are now looking for The Great Australian Text Message (TGATM) or Gr8 Oz Txt Msg. And you, dear reader, are going to send us your best TGATM. To kick-start your creative juices (Can juices be kick-started? Sounds a bit wet.) we’ve borrowed the Great American Text Messages below from US author, Peter Hyman.

 Mo B Dik

Call me.


Advtrs of HckFin

DQMONT but I thnk ant pol-e wnts 2 sivilize u.

Hd fer the Trtories. Tke the rft Jim dsnt wnt it 2day. 

Gr8 Gts-b

Nick – – Day-z n u shld stp by the prty 2 nite.

Lst manshn on the rgt. Lk fr a ylow atomble.

Ask fr ‘jimmy’


Grps of Rath (my favourite)

Pa n Ma say its awfl dusty out on the rd.

Brng h2o plz. We wl b @ the Bowl.


Ctch 22

Stp the bmbng!

Ysarin says thr is a ctch of sme knd

p.s. wher is my 2baco, Milo?



Got the idea? Just think what you can do with My Brilliant Career. It certainly needs TGATM make-over. Or get creative with Picnic at Hanging RockThe Trout Opera, The Slap, Johnno, The Secret River etc.


The rules

Rule 1 – No more than 100 characters (that includes spaces and punctuation).

Rule 2 – Entries have to be received by 5pm, April 30, 2009.

Rule 3 – Text messages can be sent to 0400 3878 77 or you can email your message to Don’t forget to include your name and phone number (it is no good if your phone number appears as a private number).


The payback…

The best messages will get prizes – the real thing, some Great Australian Novels. The winners also will be posted on our website and appear in our May e-bulletin. And they will appear on-site during the festival.   



















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