Today I have…

1. done a camera comparison. (online) 

2. insisted on a Drs appointment today. 

3. taken the patient there. 

4 had a meeting in a red & white moke, in the carpark. 

5. delivered a new baby gift (not just from me)  

6. cleared the snail-mail box. received 36 emails. sent many. 

7. cleared the laundry 

8. made 4 phone calls 

9. received maybe 5

10. cleaned my bathroom. 

11. written almost 500 words in my book.  (at last) 

12. eaten some greek yoghurt. 

13. redsicovered there is always more than meets the eye. 

14. vicariously enjoying ‘Uncle Kev’s’ splurge…um… i mean economic stimulus package (though that was way back between 6 & 7)

15. did quick research – inc going back to my 2nd previous to this blog

16. wondered what i might read now. 

17. found a ‘Gr’lled’ Burger place on the coast. not sure where the ‘ appears in the name. 

18. almost got over facebook. 

19. read a few motivating insightful blogs (that i want to share here) 

20. exlplianed why i am not watching home & away anymore. (twice)

and look, it is only 3:39pm


About Jane

Living through writing and Writing through life.
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One Response to Today I have…

  1. A-M says:

    … so why aren’t you watching home and away anymore?????? A-M xx

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