Writing Goals

writing-goals-image-200x160 Yesterday I spent most of the day learning how to upload all my chapters from my USB into my google docs.

It was very tedious doing it one at a time. I did a Google search and found a little program called um DocLoader I think – and that was great, just drag and drop on the desk top.  And ta darr the chapters appeared in my doc lists. 

I made a Folder and organised what I was wanting to be able to get back into the writing. 

I want to use google docs as it has great tools for editing and so forth with out loosing the 1st version: strikethrough colours etc. And also the ability to send a link to people of my choice to review what I have written. I have 3 readers and an editor, plus now acess to a proof reader…

My writing goal for this week is 2000 words. They do not all have to be in my WIP  – eg below in my February review I have written 565 words.  Once I am back into my WIPs then the main writing will be in/on them.


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