A Beautiful Life: February review.





A Beautiful Life: February review.

I was successful at focusing upon these 3 areas during February.

I attended a naturopath for the 2nd time. She was amazed at the difference in me.

I had 1st seen her in mid December and upon sitting down had slumped forward on the desk and said fix me.

This time was different. 

She also does iridology and said things looked improved. yayy

I am now sleeping better; there are a few nights when I am still awake at 3 am ish. But the nights I sleep right though not only exist but have increased.  This is amazing to me.  She asked me if I was still having headaches and I laughed and replied I wouldn’t know what to do with a day with out headaches. O-kay, now we are working on that. Even the thought is mind boggling. I have had headaches all day – every day since I was about 4. I am to have weekly B12 shots. (these have nothing to do with the headaches)


I attend this naturopath and take her advice with full support from my GP.

I introduced my exercise routine, I struggled getting it done every day but can see improvement quickly when I get there. I am up to 35 sit ups. I have a 10 minute routine that is suitable for me and each day I add a couple of sit-ups and stretches. When I get to 16 minutes I don’t add more but rather repeat the routine twice each day.

I have also been swimming more and increasing what I achieve each time I do.

My underwater swimming distance continues to increase. This is to build lung capacity which is a tad low in me. I measure the distance against the poles in the pool fence.  I have more than doubled how far I can get. Slow and steady is the way to go.


With regard to food, I asked the naturopath about my occasional cravings for sugar, and how I wanted to get rid of that. I am low grade diabetic – my BSR’s have been well in the range of normal for years – however I wanted to get rid of this occasional yearning. This is being addressed on one of the herb mixes she gave me.

I am eating more vegetables and a little less meat. The meat I eat is better quality.

I am eating 3 to 4 servings of fruit a day, a level I prefer to have a little higher.  I am eating more eggplant – aubergine and using the herbs from our garden more.

My energy levels have lifted. I am doing more. I am more involved.

As we move into March I have already noticed a slight dip as I contemplate the 1st anniversary of my mother’s death – however in being aware I feel I can formulate a plan to address this.  I am working on this.

Any suggestions?

I am thinking about buying a standard rose as mum loved them. Apricot colour or maybe the deep red Mr Lincoln. Then I think perhaps a Peace rose…or a Princess Diana…hmm I need to do some research.

I find that I am mindful of this year long A Beautiful Life goal program though each month.  The overall goals and the month’s specific area of focus. 



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