actually, these were taken by my sister on a business trip last week

on the road to Shepparton, Victoria. 

It is mid morning some 10 days (oops I said 8) 

after the raging fires; this is the sun through the smoke haze: warm indeed









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9 Responses to photohunter:150

  1. mudhooks says:

    A “terrible beauty”…

  2. Valery says:

    Oh how horrible! but the pics that your sis took-I agree with YTSL about being magnificent. Once a few years back- I was inside the large Mall here, and when I went out to my car in the parking lot- not even two miles away- the mountain {backdrop} was ablaze. Unreal facinating and magnificent it was.{Reno is surrounded by Mountains,yet we live in the dessert valley below.}- Take care,–Valery

  3. annant says:

    my place is getting warmer and warmer…effect of da fire in your country 😦 …

    so warm that i don’t feel like getting out of my room 😦

  4. It is hard feeling the pics look beautiful when you know the loss and destruction that took place.

  5. Brita says:

    Looks warm to me. I do hope that you will recover from that disaster, it’s so unbelievable that things like that happen.

  6. Pretty colors, unfortunate about the fires. Hope you all are safe. Mine is up, come on by.

  7. sassy mom says:

    The wildfire was scary indeed.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. gen/entry says:

    Oh that is a warm and hot son. TC good choice for the theme. happy weekend.

  9. YTSL says:

    Pictures of the Australian bush fires have been everywhere. Often frightening, I have to say that they’re also quite magnificent at times.

    Hope the people, wildlife and land of Australia will recover before too long from this disaster.

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