Queensland Floods: Update

from fire to floods….




EVEN while firefighters are still battling bush infernos in scorched Victoria huge amounts of Australia are under floodwaters.

Rains have eased, but more than 4000 people remain isolated by flood waters in parts of northern New South Wales, the State Emergency Services (SES) says. This is an Australia wide service. 

The Bureau of Meteorology forecasts a further 100mm of rain in the area today, but Mr Kear said satellite images showed the rain falling over the Pacific Ocean. 

At Bourke in the state’s central north, where a natural disaster zone has been declared, 200mm of rain has fallen in the past few days, equivalent to two-thirds of the city’s annual rainfall. 

Between Bourke and Sydney and stretching to the coast, the SES has received more than 2000 calls for assistance since Friday. 

The weather girl (just now 8:30am Wednesday) said the rain is begining to fall again. 


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2 Responses to Queensland Floods: Update

  1. Lyndel says:

    Hi there,
    have been searching the web for environmental disaster photos for a site soon to go LIVE. I am the Project Director for an event to raise money for regional Aussies affected by environmental crisis and feel your shot of stranded cows would be perfect for the site. How would you feel about allowing us to use the shot you posted for our site. Would be happy to credit you with the shot should you be happy for us to use it.
    Can you let me know if it’s yours or where you accessed it from?
    Thanks so much – Lyndy

  2. saint3 says:

    r those stranded cows?

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