Victoria fires: memorial

Memorial for Victoria fires victims held at St Pauls in Melbourne. 

‘Tears, dust and ashes: a service of prayer, hope and remembrance.’

It was explained that placing a stone in remembrance was a symbol of both mortality, and hope. 

white-stonesTHE small cairn of white stones on the altar of Melbourne’s St Paul’s Cathedral just kept growing as the names were read yesterday afternoon. 

Twenty-three stones. King Lake … Flowerdale … Marysville … Calignee … Bendigo … Yarra Glen. It was an awful roll call. 

Each white stone symbolised a Victorian community both devastated by the fires and where lives have been lost. 

Then there was a 24th stone – representing “those, as yet, un-named communities”. And the victims yet to be discovered. 

Each stone was tenderly placed by people ranging from MPs to firemen and a hospital chaplain under a tall white candle of remembrance on the altar, lit by Governor David de Kretser


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