Victoria fires: Sam the Koala

a friendly sniff – does she recognise David?sam-and-david-reunite

a symbol of hope



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4 Responses to Victoria fires: Sam the Koala

  1. Diane says:

    Sam, you are an angel for me, I have been following your story and hope that people in Australia will take care of you and Bob and all the others species, fire destroyed and killed a lots of animals. You need them and they need you

  2. Diane says:

    Little Sam will probably be a good mother and help Australia wildlife.. Good luck little angel.

  3. PRECIOUS! Koalas were my FAVES as a young girl! My brother and I were given a stuffed one from a family friend and I ADORED that bear for MANY, MANY years. He was VERY soft and nice to cuddle when in need of comfort!

    I am on my way down further to see your photos of the fires. SO very sad dear friend and I DO hope they are contained VERY soon. My heart, thoughts and prayers to all and especially those who have lost loved ones. I surely hope they find the person responsible ASAP! Such a tragedy …

    Linda *hearts*

  4. A-M says:

    Oh don’t Jane. I’ve shed enough tears. Isn’t she just divine! A-Mxx

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