Fires: Tuesday Update

Just before I went to sleep last night I listened to the midnight news.  

The death toll was revised DOWN to 131 from 135. 

The 7am news now tells me the death toll is UP again to 173. 

Australian’s have donated $12 plus million dollars to the fund that is being handled by the Red Cross. 

This, inspite of the WEC. 

As a nation we are shocked at teh magnitude of this disaster. 

I watched a report this morning on how the fire had come so suddenly from the north it exploded through one house 

then SUDDENLY the wind turned south and the house next door was spared. 

You can see a line on the land black then green. 

The oil in the Eucalyptus trees explodes and creates sparks that spread all around igniting more fires. 

Businesses: large and small are donating cash and good, and vouchers. 


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