commentory from Kochie on 7 as he was flown across Victoria…

“a dozen valleys

fire came form north then wind changed to fierce south 

then changed north again 

the houses blew up 

some spared 

no rhymn or reason 

massive smoke clouds 

cars driven into dams to try and escaspe the fire storms 

media not allowed into Kinglake – public not ready for what is there. “


People concerend about pets, wild life  and farm animals etc…

Vets are on call…ready for when the area is opened up. 

Concerns for the wildlife – and domestic animals. 

RSPCA is on the job, ready to go. A lot of Vets and Vet nurses have voluntered….

for donations,

RSPCA (03)9224 2222 to register or enquire re pets, animals in general.



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Learning through living and writing the lessons
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