Brian Naylor confirmed dead

Channel 9 veteran Brian Naylor confirmed dead in Kinglake fires



FORMER Nine Network newsreader Brian Naylor and his wife Moiree have been killed after Victoria’s single deadliest bushfire, the Kinglake Complex, razed their property on Saturday.

In a statement, Naylor’s lawyer John Beckwith, of Beckwith Cleverdon Rees, confirmed the tragedy this evening.

“The family of Brian and Moiree Naylor are mourning the loss of their father, mother and grandparents in the tragic fire at Kinglake West,” the statement said. 

“They request that their grief and privacy be respected by the media at this time of great family distress.” 

Naylor finished each news broadcast with the catchphrase: “May your news be good news, and goodnight”. 

Sky News journalist and former colleague at GTV 9, John Gatfield, said the news would devastate many Victorians. 

“He’s somebody that everybody in Victoria will relate to,” Gatfield said. 

“They understand, even though they don’t know anybody else and they have no other relatives affected, they understand the devastation of this fire in just that one family, that one person they used to watch every night, and that really does hit home, doesn’t it?” 

Naylor, 78, and his wife had lived at the property in Coombs Road, Kinglake West, on the western edge of the Kinglake National Park, for many years. 


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