Australia Map: floods, fires etc

fire-australia-mapfor VS, & all at TB

putting it in persepctive: all of Britain fits into Victoria.

It takes 10 hours to drive from Melbourne Victoria to Sydney NSW. 

It takes 8+ hours to drive from Sydney to Brisbane.  3 days to drive form Brisbane to Cairns. 

an 8 hour flight from Brisbane gets you to Perth. New Zealand is only 2 hours away. 

This IS a huge country!


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3 Responses to Australia Map: floods, fires etc

  1. Michelle says:

    This is actualy a really helpful map! All my friends and family keep asking if I am alright, even though they know I live on the gold coast and just need to look at a map!

    You’re picture is a little small and hard to read. Could you possibly increase the image size by…100×100 pixles? If not, the font would be easier to read if it was a bit larger, at least.

  2. Valery says:

    Thanks for the map info Jane- This is all too familiar, fires, earthquakes, floods, famine, and more. Just so glad that you are not in the fire-zone. Keep safe- & keep me posted too.-Valery

  3. Hi Jane, I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you all. I cannot believe all this …no idea. I just read through the posts on TB. Please keep us posted on your situation.


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