Remember when?


Remember when a reader was a person? not a thing, not a google or yahoo or whatever your choice might be, thing. But a person, an actual living breathing person.  They sat in corner and read books. To themselves, or out loud to an enthralled audience. They read on trains, buses, at desks, at kitchen tables, in bed, by a fire, on the beach: they held a collection of papers bound together to create a thing called a book. They read them, therefor they were readers. 

That’s what a reader was. 

Now I have a Google Reader. It collects for me all the writings from asssorted Blogs and Websites I want to read. There are so many I can’t get around to visit them all, so the Reader collects them all in one place. 

And boy does it collect ’em. 

It’s been faithfully doing its job, while I have been coming up short in mine.

So though I loathe goals, I made one, a kind of firm resolve (for my own good) 

My goal is to get my reader down to ‘zero waiting to be read’ by the morning of 5th January. 

Many many bloggers have gone on vacations, taken a break, opted for a Blogaday (like a holiday but you leave the blog behind) so I thought now is my chance. The total to be read was sitting at well over 1000. 

(I decided to become ruthless and delete some blogs from the subscritpion list. eeek!  It was a tough row to hoe let me tell ya. I deleted about 7, however today I added 2. See what I mean?)

So I have been ploughing through the reader list. 

Last night (downunder Thursday night) I got down to 186. Then crashed out in exhaustion with images of design, homes, exotic lives and sugar plum fairies dancing in my head…well something like that. 

Now this evening I have jumped into my reader…and egads! Yes you guessed it – there are now some 200 posts to read. 

I though you had all go away for a break…

60 hours to go. 

I love my google reader, I really do. I love my google reader. I love my google reader. 




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Living through writing and Writing through life.
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2 Responses to Remember when?

  1. a-m says:

    Oh Jane, what a task! I don’t have a reader for that reason. I just scroll down my blog roll each day and visit my few favourites and anyone else who’s title catches my attention. Those who post more often stay at the top of the blog roll so I tend to visit them more often. Once a week, I visit them all over a coffee, to catch up. It’s hard work, this blogging, but would you ever give it up?… not unless we run out of fossil fuel. A-M xx

  2. Marg says:

    I have been trying to delete some blog feeds, but I just can’t seem to do it! Good luck.

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