End of Year Catch Up

with so many bloggers on holiday I can finally get my google reader under control; hopefully lowering the 1000+ to zero before the new year. That’s my goal. 

Also I am sorting my Laptop Picture and Document files, setting up the 2009 ones:  ready to go. 

Christmas and mum’s Birthday came and went quite smoothly. The decsions I made to assist myself through those days without mum worked well.  Sure do miss her though. 

I am all unpacked, here at my new home, just 2 boxes to go but I am not sure where to put the contents. So I am in thinking mode re that. 

We bought new tomatoe plants which are already in, and a tray of lettuces, I will plant them later today when the sun moves acoss to the west a little more.  We had a tropical style rainstorm (with amazing lightening)  yesterday afternoon and now today have the normal blue sky and sunshine of Queensland.

It was great to have all the family visit, and they helped us get through more ham and turkey. All our visitors of the last week have loved the place and it truely feels like home.

Infact, Santa left a package under the tree with the letters H O M E, in it. I took a photograph, when I find where I loaded it I will place it here.

I continue to read and learn anout India. 

I am involved in a FB group with Indian University Alumni.  Mt title?  ‘Community Organiser’, plus with the admin role I am able to work with newbies to FB. The group is growing and the content getting a touch more of the ‘adda’ BB wants. 

Made some great new friends though this role and enjoy the depth and breadth of the discussions and chats. 

I continue with the beautiful ladies (plus Les) in the Victoria Group. They have been a delight all year, so supportive and informative.  While I swelter here, they are mostly under snow and ice, therefore discussing soups etc. Very strange. 

I have had a great year reading some special Blogs and getting to know some great people through them. 

I moved my Blog to WordPress and love it. 

I have been learning more about my camera and seem to have mastered (well, learnt how to) macro. Next is night shots. When I find the book. A flash of insight about 40 minutes ago will be checked into as soon as I post this. 

All the TNG’s are growing up fast. #6 will turn 1 soon, and is already walking. She looked great in her purple striped dress top and purple leggings! So chic.  TNG# 5 (begining the talking process, and has 4 wonderful teeth) was fab in Pink, like her mum, whom she adores.  TNG’s #1,2, & 3 were a total delight.  I am impressed with all they know. TNG #1 is reading beautifully. S-I-L took some great photos, while enjoying my camera.

The cricket has been interesting. C’mon Aussie! Can we do it? Yes we can…uh oh that the new Mr President’s line. 





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One Response to End of Year Catch Up

  1. Liz Burgess says:

    Hi Jane,

    It is already 2009 in your neighborhood. Happy New Year! We will celebrate tonight, however, I will probably be snoring at 12:00am!

    I have so enjoyed your photographs. You have been blessed with that wonderful “eye” for taking great pictures.

    I will look forward to visiting your blog in 2009!

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